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The Coiffeur Jass is a very popular variant of the popular card game in Switzerland and has, for example, the regulation that different trump types are played and there are also interesting joker possibilities. In this article we explain to you all rules of the game for this interesting Jassvariation with great fun factor:

Coiffeur Jass is a variant of the card game, which was imported into Switzerland from France in the 1970s. In France, Jass is subsequently called “quoi faire”, which translates as “doing something”. In German, however, the term “coiffeur” is largely used.

In principle, the Coiffeur Jass is designed in such a way that different predetermined trump types are played and subsequently only the score of the respective bidter is recorded. The game is finished as soon as all players have played all the given trump types. The points are then added together. The player with the most points wins the game.

How to play

How to play Coiffeur Jass

At the beginning of the game, a writer is determined, after which the trump types to be achieved are defined. The Jass regulations state that the following variants are relevant:

  • Oak or shovel (count 1-fold)
  • Roses or cross (count 2 times)
  • Schilten or corners (count 3 times)
  • Clamps or heart (count 4-fold)
  • Obenaben (count 5-fold)
  • Undeufe (count 6-fold)
  • Joker 1 (counts 7 times)
  • Joker 2 (counts 8 times)

With respect to the available jokers, it is only allowed to choose Obenaben, Undeufe or one of the colors. Subsequently, it is also possible to define other trump colors, such as slalom. However, this should clearly be agreed in advance of the game.

With the coiffeur Jass, the player is allowed to announce next to the distributor. Alternatively, it can also push further. It is pushed around in a circle if necessary and thus not to team partners. The player with the first bid can also issue a card for the first trick. However, after pushing a perfect round at the latest, the first player must announce a card.

Each round is dealt one card in turn by another player.

Other rules

How to count the points at the Coiffeur Jass

In the case of the coiffeur Jass, it is usually the case that only the 10 points are counted. Alternatively, you can count with full scores. Sticks and white points are irrelevant at Coiffeur. Subsequently, 157 points instead of 257 can be achieved and 16 points instead of 15 points can be counted. Points are written down at Coiffeur exclusively at the announced party. Once all variants have been played, the points of the two teams are counted.

In the case of the coiffeur, it is important that the respective bidder says exactly which variant he is playing, which is also true for any jokers. If a player announces a variant that has already been played, the score will be written down to the joker. If the jokers have already been played, then it is the case that one enters a zero era in the most insignificant variant still available.

The writer also has the task of keeping an overview of the variants still available and informing other players if necessary. If one team has already played any variants, only the other team may announce. Furthermore, this team can then push it again and push it back. These rules of the game of Coiffeur are also defined in the official regulations.

Coiffeur is therefore a very uncomplicated, interesting and varied Jass variant, which is definitely highly recommended.

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