Differenzler Spielregeln

Differenzler is a well-known Jass variation, which is very popular in Switzerland and many other countries and regions. We’ll explain how To Play Difference and show you any rules for this interesting card game.

In the Jass variant Difference, it is possible to play three, fourth or even fifth. If you play with five players, you take a six with arbitrary suit out of the deck of cards and then play with 35 cards.

At the beginning of the game, a so-called scribe is determined, who then distributes the cards in the first round. After lifting, the bottom card of the pile is visibly placed, with its color then representing the trump color.

The person to the right of the distributor then starts by announcing any score that the person wants to score. Subsequently, the announcement can be changed, but only until the next player has made his announcement. All announcements are recorded by the writer.

How to win

How the winner is determined in the case of difference

Once all the cards are played, all points are counted by the players themselves, with the last trick counting 5 points. wise do not apply to differentials and are therefore not counted. Subsequently, any differences between announcements and actual scores are recorded by the scribe in writing.

After a total of 12 rounds played, the player who has the slightest difference in points is the winner. The one with the biggest difference is thus the loser of the game.

Differential can also be played with a covert announcement: Here the note is placed under the Jass carpet during the game. As soon as the game is finished, the writer records the difference again and cancels the announcement.

Other rules

Other rules for differencers

Additional interesting game rules include a rule in which players with exactly the number of points announced will then receive 10 bonus points, a feature in which the sticks are counted and either added or deducted, and a Game rule in which all players put a note with the announcement in front of them and an additional rule stating that 20 penalty points are distributed if someone does not color, although they should do so. These are added to the difference.

Differenzler is a very popular variant of the Jass and thus also represents a great card game with which you can experience great game fun.

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