Schieber Spielregeln

Schieber is probably by far the most popular Jass variation in Switzerland. This article looks at the exact rules of Schieber Jass and explains what to look out for in this hugely popular game.

Schieber Jass is basically played with four players, whereby there are two teams, which is formed with the person opposite in cross form. The seat formation is determined by the point that all players draw a card face down and the players with the two highest and lowest numbers form a team.

In terms of the goal of the game, it is the team that scores 1000 points first wins. Subsequently, the schieber Jass is also allowed to use the wise. In this game, it is also possible to choose all four trump colors, as well as obenabe and undenufe, which also count in a simple way.

With Schieber, the Puur and Nell cards are the most powerful symbols in the game. The Undenufe turns out to make the six the best card. In the top abe, it is the ace with which you score the most points.


How to play schieber Jass

At the beginning of the game, the cards are shuffled by a player, after which the player on the left hand picks up the card. The cards are then dealt at 3 per round until each player has 9 cards. Schieber Jass is started by that player with the bells 10 or corners 10.

The forehand player, that player to the right of the card distributor, can bid a trump at any time. If he doesn’t have good cards, he can push on. His partner then has the task of determining a trump card. The latter will then have to make a decision.

The first trick starts with the forehand player, whereby it is also possible for the divider to start with five trumps. After that, simply the first person who has taken the trick is to be given out.

How to win

How to determine the winner at Schieber Jass

In terms of points, they are added together per team after the game. For all tricks you get 100 additional points. The last trick counts in the next episode 5 points. Furthermore, it is the case that the respective opponents are then credited with the difference to 157 points. When using any evaluation systems, the points are multiplied to achieve the result. When both teams reach the score, the “Stick, Wys, Stitch” rule is applied.

In several games on the same evening, you can work with strokes per win to determine the absolute winner. Points per milestone can be agreed individually here.

Schieber Jass is therefore extremely uncomplicated to play and definitely an extremely recommendable Jass variation, which is not for nothing one of the most popular card games in Switzerland.

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