Swiss Label

The crossbow – symbol of Swiss value work – becomes a market-leading label with a high degree of identity for Swiss quality products and services at home and abroad.

Swiss Label promotes the self-confidence of the Swiss economy and supports the marketing of Swiss quality products and services at home and abroad. Swiss Label strengthens Switzerland’s high identity as an important global export country and underlines the awareness of origin and quality of buyers and consumers of goods and services of Swiss origin.

Swiss Label , the company for the promotion of Swiss products and services, is an association under Article 60ff of the Swiss Civil Code. Swiss Label deals with brand and label maintenance in the broadest sense.

The trademark of Swiss Label is the crossbow. The origins of Swiss Label go back to 1917 (foundation of the “Swiss Week”). The crossbow is protected in Switzerland and in important exporting countries. As a supplement and / or alternative to the Swiss Cross, it stands for the Swiss brand. The crossbow is a symbol of trust-building values such as quality, safety, reliability and grip on the ground – for companies as well as for consumers.

Die Armbrust

The crossbow has more than three thousand years of history. The oldest finds date back to 1200 BC from China. Today, the crossbow is mainly associated with Wilhelm Tell, who at the turn of the 13th to 14th century in the Hohlen Gasse near Küssnacht am Rigi shot the Landvogt Gessler with the crossbow and has since been revered as a Swiss freedom fighter.

The crossbow is thus a symbol of trust-building values such as quality, safety, reliability, grip on the ground, independence and freedom. The members of Swiss Label stand up for free and responsible entrepreneurship and protect it from unnecessary and hindering state intervention – with the precise and sharp arrows of the crossbow.

The crossbow is a supplement and/or a real alternative to the Swiss Cross, which is sometimes misused and occasionally confused with the Red Cross abroad. Since The Swiss Label members must have a higher proportion of Swiss value than required by law, the crossbow stands for a Swissness plus.

The Swiss Jass playing cards are awarded with the Swiss label. It is the highest quality label for Swiss products. We are proud to have the value chain of 100 in Switzerland.

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